Purchasing and Deploying the Cube

Learn how to find, purchase and rapidly deploy the Zadara's enterprise storage Cube product on the AWS marketplace.

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How to Deploy the Zadara Cube

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Connecting to the Cube VPSA and Mounting Storage

Learn how to connect to Zadara's enterprise storage Cube and mount your SAN/NAS volumes on EC2 Windows and Linux instances.

Questions? Comments? Email Support.

Creating and Cloning Snapshots

Learn how to create and clone snapshots with an auto-snapshot rapid point in time recovery of your data.

General Cube GUI Usage

See Zadara's enterprise storage Cube VPSA GUI orientation and learn how to completely reconfigure your storage.


Quick, scalable, enterprise-grade cloud storage when you need

Pre-set redundant storage built on enterprise-grade VPSA technology available in the AWS Marketplace

Elastic, high-performance, cloud-based storage ready to use in minutes

If you have any questions or need support at any time please visit our support resources or contact our toll-free number found on our support website at support.zadarastorage.com.

Choose your Size and Go

Select your storage size on the Amazon Marketplace and follow four easy step-by-step instructional videos to deploy your storage in minutes! Accompanied with 24-hour world class support, a wealth of technical resources, and use-case information.

SAN Storage Cube

1.6 TB SSD

Time-sensitive project? We have your storage covered.


Ready to deploy?

AWS Marketplace

Available on


Enterprise-grade Performance and Security

Zadara Storage provides the enterprise-grade features you have come to expect from traditional CapEx storage, delivered uniquely in a pay-as-you-go OpEx model.

Fully redundant high performance storage solution at the click of a button


Consolidated AWS Billing

No need to waste time setting up and managing multiple accounts with separate billing. Easily track your account's charges in your AWS account and receive only one consolidated bill.

Storage at Your Service

Hosted on Zadara Infrastructure, not on top of EBS

Zadara allocates individual physical drives to each customer that are completely isolated from the EBS infrastructure. Built in data centers adjacent to Amazon EC2, the Zadara Storage Cloud connects to AWS through Direct Connect.


See how Zadara Storage enhances AWS Storage

Don't see the size you need? Try our fully flexible VPSA storage solution purchased through our provisioning portal.